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  • Please take a good look and make note of the current status of your particular club or range and send us any new, corrected information on your club and your contact people so that we can immediately upgrade this information. One of the things in particular that we are interested in are any e-mail addresses for contacts that you may have on hand. E-mail is a much easier and more economical way for people to communicate with you than using the telephone! If your contact personnel have e-mail capability, please let us know the address!

    If you have new information to send on new ranges that have been newly affiliated or are already a part of the IBS structure, please refer to the format being currently used on the site for feeding us new or updated information! If you have Microsoft® Word®, this is the program to use because document files you build can be converted directly into HTML format, which saves time and getting your info into the site! Simply e-mail the file output to us. You can send your information to Joan Borden at the following address:

    International Benchrest Shooters
    1231 Sheldon Hill Road
    Springville, PA 18844
    Phone: (570) 965-2505
    E-mail -

    One main issue we're concerned with is how the match results will be posted on the website. When sending in results be sure to let us know where the match was held and the date. Put this info in a little text file or in the COMMENTS section and send it along with the other files. The easiest way to send these files to the webmaster is attached to an E-mail message, send it to. If you don't have on-line capability, you can put the information in an envelope and send them that way.

    Jane DeWees
    1941 Brandt Road
    Annville, PA 17003
    Phone: (717) 269-7163 E-mail - janedewees@comcast.net