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New Scoring Programs for Long Range Matches

Mr. Doug Weeter has kindly put a large amount of work into a new scoring program specifically designed for use in IBS Long Range matches . It is an Excel based program that requires the computer in use have Microsoft Excel / Office 2000 or later and preferably not excel 2002.

Note from Doug : I know that a couple of your clubs have used these programs but I have not gotten any feedback in a long while so I have no idea if they are bug free. If you know someone who would like to test them I would be happy to work
with them to make sure they work correctly without any bugs??
Doug, email me at Doug@RimfireBenchrest.com

Click below to download your own copy of the program. It has many nice features and Doug is constantly improving it. I recommend a new version be downloaded regularly and see if it is a newer version than what you have.

Dick Grosbier July 6. 2014


Click Here to download 600yd Version 3 new 7/19/14

Click Here to download 1000yd Version 3 new 7/17/14

Doug has done all he can with the 1000 program without feedback from users. Neither he nor I actially shoot 1000 so we need to get this program in use and if issues are there let Doug know at Doug@RimfireBenchrest.com so he can fix. Latest update 7/16/14 addresses a number of issues found in version 2.


If you have questions or issues email Doug at Doug@RimfireBenchrest.com

Doug is very willing to support these programs but if you do not tell him about any difficulties you have he cannot fix them.




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