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Scoring Program for Score Matches

This is a Windows program, unfortunately no Macintosh version is available.

Mr. Doug Weeter of Georgia has kindly put an enormous amount of work into scoring program specifically designed for use in IBS matches . It is an Excel based program that requires the computer in use have Microsoft Excel / Office 2000 or later and preferably not excel 2002. Doug says there may be problems with the 2002 version and this product. If you are using a computer with Excel / Office 2002 see Doug's note in the included instructions. Macros must be enabled for the program to function correctly.

At this time although it has Drop-Down Menus on its main Page for Group and Long Distance disciplines these features are under development, at this stage he is concentrating on the Score Match component. the 100/200/300 does not work just yet either and as I have a personal need for this function I look forward to its implementation. Doug and I have been burning up the phone line for the last couple of months refining the program and we now feel it is ready to be tried out by other clubs. Below you will find a link to download your own copy of the program. It has many nice features and Doug is constantly improving it. I recommend a new version be downloaded regularly and see if it is a newer version than what you have.

Dick Grosbier 23 October , 2007


1. The program has some test scores and equipment already entered so it would be best if you did not hit "New Match" till you see how it works with these scores.

2. Entering Contestant Names , Equipment List Items and Club names is all done through drop down menus. doing what seems the obvious thing by typing right into scores page wreaks havoc. The first thing you should do in my opinion after reading Dougs Instructions contained within the program is go to the lookup tables and enter names of your typical local shooters, you may also want to go into the equipment lists and put any Gunsmiths or other equipment types that are frequently used in your area that are not already listed into the lookup tables.

3. Updated Version June 2007 V2A

4. Updated Version June 2008 V3A

5. Updated Version May 2009 V4 ( A note from Doug) .....Over the last couple of weeks I have been contacted by a couple of clubs on the scoring program. Based on email from them I made some updates to the program. Most changes were just some code cleanup and a little more 'bullet proof"

6. Updated Version June 2009 V5 This latest update incorporates addition of IBS Score Club names to clubs list and Warmup matches. Also several bug fixes were incorporated. As always if you encounter a problem send feedback to Doug or it will not get fixed.

7. Updated Version May 2011 V8 This latest update incorporates addition of Competitor numbers in Email results to assist in complying with 2011 SSOY rules about multiple Rifles fired.

8. Updated Version July 2014 V10 As always if you encounter a problem send feedback to Doug or it will not get fixed. Dougs e-mail is Doug@RimfireBenchrest.com

9. Updated Version May 2015 V11 fixes an Email problem for people using excel 2013.

10. Updated Version June 2016 V12 includes 200/100 as an option with ties properly broken. As always if you encounter a problem send feedback to Doug or it will not get fixed. Dougs e-mail is Doug@RimfireBenchrest.com

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program when downloaded has sample scores already entered for illustrational purposes. Before you actually use it to score a match be sure to click the "NEW MATCH" button. If this is not done results will be very flawed.

Click Here to download

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