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Club Responsibilities


International Benchrest Shooters

Registered Match Administrative Requirements


  1. You must send match results  within FOUR Weeks to:

a)     Each Registered Competitor, unless they have agreed to use IBS website results.


b)    2nd VP awards Chairman Frank Danisienka, P.O. Box 97, New Ipswich, NH 03071 frank30br@comcast.net


c)    Webmaster Jane DeWees, 1941 Brandt Rd, Annville PA 17003, janedewees@comcast.net


d)     Group Shoot Reports must also go to: Brian Dolinsky dolinskybros@gmail.com (for Group Shooter of the year tallies) 1294 Buck Mtn. Road, Weatherlly, PA 18255


e)     Score Shooter Results must go to: Wayne France wfrance2003@yahoo.com   (for Score Shooter of the Year tallies) 6223 Wilmette Drive, Burke VA 22015

f) 1000 yard results must go to Phillip Yott yott@charter.net and need to include SOY points earned at each match. Phillip also does the tallies for the Long Range Marksman awards.


g) 600 yard results must go to Donna Matthews lrgirl1000@yahoo.com and need to include SOY points earned at each match.


h)     ALL shoot Reports must go to Brian Dolinsky  dolinskybros@gmail.com  (for Precision Rifleman Awards tallies) 1294 Buck Mtn. Road, Weatherlly, PA 18255



  1. Please send the report to:

      Joan Borden , Recording Secretary

      1231 Sheldon Road

      Springville, Pa 18844

      570-965-2366 / 570-965-2505



The report should include:

A copy of the official Match Report

Completed registration and equipment cards for each competitor

Registration fees due the IBS

The Official Match Report includes:

1.     Record of each target fired by each competitor

2.     Summary of placement in each aggregate for each competitor

3.     Minimum Top 10 Equipment List


  1. If a potential record has been set, then the targets and Record Application need to be forwarded to the Records Committee Chairperson (Kent Harshman) harshman@lvc.edu 110 Woodridge Dr., Palmyra PA 17078 as soon as possible.


  1. Clubs that do not fulfill all of the above requirements prior to the next competitive year may not be able to register shoots until the requirements have been fulfilled.


If you have any questions or need registration cards, score cards, or other supplies to hold your match please call Joan Borden (570-965-2366 / 570-965-2505)                     

Rewritten DG 2/23/16