Requirements to join IBS and hold Long Range Registered Matches

A club desiring to hold registered matches needs to contact the Chairman of the Long Range Rules Committee (currently David Matthews) to discuss the new range. He/or she will supply a list of things to consider in building a range and running an IBS Long Range Club. An IBS rule book, By Laws and various Match forms can be down loaded and printed from the IBS web page under Downloads.

Then when you decide whom will be the club director send $50 for IBS Annual dues for the Club to

Joan Borden
RR 1 Box 250BB
Springville PA 18844

Include club director's address, contact information and physical or postal address for the club

Then to get matches registered you would request your Match dates from The First Vice President (currently John Cascarino) who is the Match schedule Chairman. Once the dates are approved you will be issued a Match Contract to sign and return to the first Vice President. Match dates will only be given out to clubs whose ranges are completely built. Potential Match scheduling conflicts with existing Clubs/Ranges also need to be worked out with the Long Range Rules Committee.

Click here to download helpful checklist for new Long Range clubs.

New clubs are always welcome if you have any additional questions please call or email


Joan Borden, Phone, (570) 965-2505 E-Mail

John Cascarino, Phone (607) 625-2790 E-Mail

IBS web site: