Requirements to join IBS and hold Registered Matches

A club desiring to hold registered matches needs to have a range that has a minimum of 5 benches with target frames at 100 or 100/200 or 100/200/300 or 600 or 1000 yards.

If you are planning on running only 1 aggregate (Yardage) score matches you will not need any stationary or moving backers—if you are planning on running grand aggregate (Multi Yardage) score matches-you will need to have stationary backers as well. Group matches also require moving backers.

Some type of PA system will be required for the range officer to use to announce matches and range command as well as a loud emergency cease fire Buzzer or Air horn (around $10 at Boating stores).

Then when you decide whom will be the club director send $45 for IBS Annual dues for the Club to IBS; RR#1 Box 250BB Springville PA 18844

Include club director address and physical or postal address for the club

Then to get matches registered you would apply to The Vice President who is the match schedule chairman—his contact info is on the web site (

New clubs are always welcome if you have any additional questions please call or email

Jim Cline, Phone, (843) 957-6546 E-Mail

Joan Borden, Phone, (570) 965-2505 E-Mail

Jeff Stover, Phone, (570) 660-6102 E-Mail