1)                    A proposal for a rule change (petition) must be signed by at least 25 IBS shooters

A) The petition must first state current rule, followed by the reason for the rule change and then the new proposed rule change.

2)                    The petition has to be sent to the appropriate committee chairman by September 1–

A)    The committee chairman will make sure all committee members get a copy of the petition

B)     The committee members are responsible to communicate the proposed petition to all shooters at their respective clubs and get feed back from the shooters to the committee on the petition.

C)     The committee chairman will discuss with all committee members the petition and try to reach a consensus as to if they will be forwarding a recommendation of the proposed petition to the Executive Board.

D)    The committee will also review the petition to make sure there are no conflicts with other rules.

3)      The Chairman will forward to the Executive Board the petition along with a recommendation from the Committee; this must be done before August 1

4)      The Executive Board will review the petition and will publish the proposed rule change 75 days in advance of the winter meeting – it will be posted on the IBS internet web page. The dates and place of the winter meeting will be on the IBS webpage for three months prior to the meeting.

5)      The Executive Board will present the petition and recommendation if any, from the appropriate Committee at the general meeting on Saturday morning of the IBS annual meeting

A)  Floor is opened for discussion of change

B)     The appropriate committee or any IBS Member present has the option of proposing a change to the  petition item wording during the membership meeting on Saturday

C)     Vote is called for –All shooters present at the winter meeting vote on the proposal and each member can cast one proxy vote if they have proper authorization from an IBS member not present

6)   If the petition is voted in, it will be on a trial basis for one year.

7)   After the year is up, in fall, a ballot is sent to all IBS members to vote the rule change to be permanent or reject it

8)   At the next winter meeting the results of the vote will be announced.









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