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IBS Membership Form

* Required

Name *
Address 1 *
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City *
State Zip *
Country *
Day Phone
Eve Phone *
Best Time to Call *

Membership Choices
1. IBS membership - $45.00/year
2. Associate Membership - same household as regular member - $15.00/year
3. Junior membership (17 and under) - $5.00/year
4. USA Club Affiliation - $45.00/year
5. Non USA membership- $65.00/year US Funds
6. Mailing option - $50.00 ($45.00 + $5.00 ) For those members without internet access or choosing to receive
mailings from IBS. This includes a Summary of the annual meeting, a copy of the match schedule & any other important information. A Fall mailing will be done with the normal ballot including proposed agenda items , bylaws changes and any other important information.

You can print this out from your browser after you complete it. Then send the completed form, with your check or money order in US FUNDS ONLY, to:

Joan Borden
1231 Sheldon Hill Road
Springville PA 18844

Please make checks payable to: IBS
Checks and Money Orders must be in US Funds or they will be returned!