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IBS Screamer Sticker

IBS is picking up the old PS Magazine Sreamer program for all IBS registered shoots. The Screamer award at this point is a very nice 3" Sticker printed on White Vinyl, a copy of which is shown below. The old program was only for Group matches and I believe was added to Long Range Group in the final years. The IBS Executive Board and Awards committee have decided if we are doing this award it will cover all IBS diciplines. After seeking input from all discipline committees the following intital guidelines have been established. These Guidelines may be tightened or loosened if it is found to be appropriate at any time. The program is Retroactive to include the 2013 shooting season. At this time submissions may be started for 2013's stickers. Please allow 30+ days turnaround time as we will probably process these requests monthly.

Criteria listed by discipline


Frank Danisienka has Graciously volunteered to administer this program.

CLICK HERE for the Screamer Sticker application form.