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IBS Group Shooter & Group Shooter Rookie Of the Year rules.

  • SOY points will be awarded to each shooter who completes an IBS sanctioned tournament that contests a Grand Aggregate. A single day Grand Aggregate as well as multiple gun, multi-day events will have points awarded for each recognized Grand Aggregate completed.
  • A Shooter must compete in a minimum of (3) tournaments, in which SOY points are awarded, to be eligible for Shooter of the Year awards.
  • Rookie points will be awarded under the same system as Group Shooter points. Rookies will be eligible for both Rookie of the Year and Group Shooter of the Year Awards.
    • A rookie is anyone 18 years or older who is in their first two calendar years of Benchrest competition. Competition in any Benchrest event sanctioned by an organization that the IBS recognizes will count as rookie years.
    • Any person who shoots as a Junior will begin their rookie status at the age of 18.
    • A shooter must declare rookie status when registering for a match and shall be noted on the match report as a rookie to be eligible.
    • A shooter can only win Rookie of the Year once and will then become ineligible, regardless of the number of participation years.
  • Points will be awarded as follows:
    • (5) Points will be awarded for each Grand Aggregate a competitor completes.
    • (1) One point will be awarded for each person a competitor beats in a Grand Aggregate. Every competitor that begins a grand aggregate will count in the points tally regardless if they complete it or not.
    • The point totals for each shooter’s best (6) tournaments will be used towards SOY awards.
  • Awards will be given for the top (10) places in Group Shooter of the Year and (5) places in Rookie of the Year. Awards for 2008 are as follows:
    • Group Shooter
      1st Place Traveler Trophy
      1st Place – 5th Place – Plaques
      6th Place -10th Place – Certificates
    • Rookie Shooter
      1st Place Traveler Trophy
      1st Place – Plaque
      2nd Place – 5th Place - Certificates