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News & Special Notices:

NOTICE: 2017 IBS Election of Officers for Executive Board:
2017 IBS Election of Officers for Executive Board

New Executive Vice President/IBS Editor International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) is pleased to announce the hiring of Boyd Allen as its new Executive Vice President/IBS Editor. Boyd will be responsible for guiding the IBS’s marketing and PR efforts. He will handle all articles on IBS’s web partner, accurateshooter.com, which is the largest rifle accuracy site on the Internet. He will also coordinate and contribute to preparation of match reports on accurateshooter.com for Nationals and other featured matches. His duties also include working with the Executive Board and discipline committees on rulebook and other administrative activities. Boyd has competed in registered benchrest near his home in Fresno, CA. He has written for both Precision Shooting magazine and Shooter’s News. Most recently, he has been a contributor to accurateshooter.com. Bringing Boyd on board will allow IBS to fully utilize the vast stage that accurateshooter.com offers. He expects to enhance match reports and also do regular articles on benchrest equipment and trends. He will spearhead a proposed exhibition 300 yard match in 2018 between the various precision rifle disciplines, which is an idea the IBS has floated recently. He can be reached at: boydallen@live.com

The Manatee Gun and Archery Club in Myakka City, FL is ready to hold registered IBS 600 yard matches starting on November 25. Please see Long Range Schedule.

Central VA Precision Shooters will start holding their matches at Black Creek GC in Mechanicsville, VA on November 4, 2017.

Match Directors: Please send next Season's match date bids for next season's schedules to: John Cascarino

600 Yd Nationals Information and Match Registration Forms - Memphis, TN Updated July 27

Score Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated September 27

Group Shooter of the Year Standings.Updated on Sept 11

1000 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings.Updated October 6

600 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated October 6

2018 Annual Meeting :
2018 Annual Meeting Information

IBS Coverage on Accurateshooter,com Visalia, CA





2017 Annual Meeting :

Click here for Jeff Stover's UNOFFICIAL synopsis of the meeting.

Presidents report from meeting.

Click here for Annual Meeting photos by Jeff Stover.








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