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News & Special Notices:

Tentative 2017 Schedules are posted in the Schedule section.

2017 annual Meeting :

Click here for Jeff Stover's UNOFFICIAL synopsis of the meeting.

Presidents report from meeting.

Click here for Annual Meeting photos by Jeff Stover.

Score Agenda item: Hunter Class, remove magazine requirement: Failed

All rifles competing in the 6X Score discipline must continue to adhere to the prevailing rule relative to the magazine:

"The action will have a magazine cut in its bottom and the magazine shall be capable of holding two or more loaded rounds of ammunition for which the rifle barrel is chambered."

Additionally please note any waivers from the past allowed for NBRSA rifles to compete in IBS Matches while not fully complying with IBS rules are long expired.



News Release:

International Benchrest Shooters hire Executive VP

Josh Shrum

Effective March 1, The International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) appointed Mr. Josh Shrum of Whitney, PA to be its Executive Vice-President (EVP).  Josh will work with the Executive Board to grow IBS and Benchrest shooting in general.  He will, essentially, serve as the Executive Director of IBS .

“With Josh onboard, we will take IBS to new, unprecedented levels to achieve visibility, results and growth that a group of volunteers simply cannot achieve.” said IBS President Jeff Stover.  The position is technically part-time, but Josh will bring a full-time amount of energy and a passion for Benchrest shooting in all its disciplines.  Working under the direction of the President and IBS Board, Josh will complement the existing IBS staff of webmaster Dick Grosbier and recording secretary Joan Borden.

Josh will greatly expand IBS’s association with accurateshooter.com.  In recent years, the IBS partnered with the wildly popular precision rifle shooting site which sees over 150,000 unique visitors per week-virtually all of them interested in accuracy.  “By far, accurateshooter.com is the world’s largest stage for accuracy shooters.  The IBS needs to take full advantage of this opportunity to grow Benchrest.” added Stover. 

You can expect to see Josh shooting in all the disciplines, Score, Group, 600 and 1000.  In 2016, he was IBS Score Shooting Rookie of the Year and solidified his benchrest shooting bona fides by snagging a 25X 100 yard aggregate in his first full year of shooting.

Since Josh is only 31-years old he will put a welcome young face on the IBS.  For his “day job”, he manages a 1,600-acre estate owned by the Benedictine monks of St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.  He holds a degree in History and English from St. Vincent College.

“I am excited and looking forward to working to promote the IBS.  I already have a list of ideas to present to the Board” Josh said after hearing of his selection.

International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) was formed in 1970 to foster uniform competition to achieve the ultimate accuracy in firearms, ammunition, components, equipment and shooting methods.  Benchrest disciplines contested include group and score at 100, 200 and 300 yards.  The Long Range program is especially active with competitions at both 600 and 1000 yards.  IBS Registered matches are held from Maine to Missouri and from Montana to Georgia.







For more information contact:

Jeff Stover, President

International Benchrest Shooters

84 Susquehanna Ave.

Lock Haven, PA 17745




Amber Brewer

Above photo was from the 1000 yd nationals where she won Heavy gun Score, Heavy gun overall, and Jr shooter, at 12 years of age. People like Amber are the future of our sport !


Tom Jacobs

2016 600yd Shooter Of the year.

Robert McMichael

2016 1000yd Shooter Of the Year.

Wayne France

2016 Score Shooter Of the year.

Harley Baker

2016 Group Shooter Of the Year.


Randy Jarvais

6 Power Shooter Of the Year

Josh Shrum

Score Shooting Rookie Of the Year



Precision Rifleman points are updated effective December 16.

Click here for direct acces to list

Long Range Marksman points are updated effective December 11.

Click here for direct acces to list




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