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News & Special Notices:

IBS Score Shooter Alert:

I received a phone call from a shooter asking about a recent decision by the IBS Executive Board (EBoard). To stop the spread of misinformation, following is how the EBoard handled an informal protest regarding 2017 Shooter of the Year points. On November 8th, the EBoard met via teleconference; members of the Score Committee were invited onto the call and all but one was on the call, I believe. The issue relates to three shooters who shot 200-300 Meters competition in October 2016. This was the FIRST time various meter aggregates has been shot at those distances. Per the IBS rule book, shooting NEW aggregates do not produce a record in that first instance of competition. Only until the SECOND instance of shooting those respective aggregates/targets would a record be set (there is a time constraint too, but it is irrelevant to this matter). So, in March 2017, the same 200-300 meter course of fire was competed. The conditions were poor that day, so the scores shot in October 2016 prevailed and new records were set by three shooters. Those October targets were NOT records until the same course of fire had been shot a second time. In April 2017 I wrote an email to each of the three shooters recognizing their respective records.

As a result of setting a record in 2017, those three shooters, per the SOY rules (and common sense), will receive the prescribed points. Later in 2017 those records (or at least some of them) were eclipsed by others. Those other shooters also get the prescribed SOY points. Jeff Stover IBS President

"The Score Nationals have been revised on the Results page. Congratulations to all the winners!

The Manatee Gun and Archery Club in Myakka City, FL is ready to hold registered IBS 600 yard matches starting on November 25. Please see Long Range Schedule.

Match Directors: Please send next Season's match date bids for next season's schedules to: John Cascarino

Score Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated November 16

Group Shooter of the Year Standings.Updated on November 16

1000 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings.Updated November 16

600 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated November 20

2018 Annual Meeting :
2018 Annual Meeting Information Updated November 16





2017 Annual Meeting :

Click here for Jeff Stover's UNOFFICIAL synopsis of the meeting.

Presidents report from meeting.

Click here for Annual Meeting photos by Jeff Stover.








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