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News & Special Notices:

NOTICE: This is to notify everyone that ALL UPCOMING matches are listed on the results page. This will aid in posting the results in a more timely fashion.

The contact person for the Screamer Patch has been transferred to Frank Danisienka, PO Box 97, New Ipswich, NH 03071

LEFT THE RANGE - Mike Niblett August 13, 2017. It is with deep sadness that I wish to report the passing of Mike Niblett. In Memory of Mike Niblett

1000 Yard Nationals Registration Forms - Whitehorse, WV

600 Yard Nationals Information and Match Registration Forms - Memphis, TN Updated July 27

Score Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated 6 Power July 25

Group Shooter of the Year Standings.Updated on July 31

1000 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings,Updated 10 August

600 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings, Updated August 8

Ashe County, North Carolina 200 - 300 Yard Nationals, Held on August 5 & 6. The Winners (left to right) Jim Cline, Dewey Hancock, Hillary Martinez, Allie Euber, Don Cameron, Orland Bunker, Todd Payseur. Front (left to right) Both Junior Shooters - Nick Breeden and Tate Miller RESULTS     





2017 annual Meeting :

Click here for Jeff Stover's UNOFFICIAL synopsis of the meeting.

Presidents report from meeting.

Click here for Annual Meeting photos by Jeff Stover.








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