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News & Special Notices:

2018 Annual Meeting :
2018 Annual Meeting Information - Updated November 16
2018 Annual Meeting Agenda Items - Updated January 10
2018 IBS Winter Meeting Summary - Updated January 16
2018 IBS Presidents Report - Updated January 15
2018 IBS Shooter of the Year Sponsors - Updated January 15

Voting Results:

2nd Vice President – Frank Danisienka

Treasurer – Bill Gebhardt

Executive Board Secretary – Jim Bauer
  • Jim Bauer - Bio
  • Match Directors: Please send next Season's match date bids for next season's schedules to: John Cascarino

    Score Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated December 18

    2017 Final Standings Group SOY (Includes Rookie & Junior Shooter) Updated on December 7

    1000 Yard Shooter Of the Year standings. Updated December 29

    600 Yard Shooter Of the Year Final Standings. Updated December 23





    2017 Annual Meeting :

    Click here for Jeff Stover's UNOFFICIAL synopsis of the meeting.

    Presidents report from meeting.

    Click here for Annual Meeting photos by Jeff Stover.








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