This is a collection of photos of various IBS shooters, with a few range photos thrown in.

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10th Bud Pryor Winners 2004 2001 Powder Puffers 2005-Hunter-National-Champi 2005-PA-States-Winners 3 Score Scorers
10th Bud Pryor Winners 2004.jpg 2001 Powder Puffers.jpg 2005-Hunter-National-Champi.jpg 2005-PA-States-Winners.jpg 3 Score Scorers.jpg
Al Edwards Al Kogoy Jr Al Kogoy_SR. Al Weaver Alex Griatzky
Al Edwards.jpg Al Kogoy Jr.jpg Al Kogoy_SR..jpg Al Weaver.jpg Alex Griatzky.jpg
Allie Euber JimBorden Andy Reitmeyer Ashley Carr Barry Ramsdell Bart Sauter
Allie Euber JimBorden.jpg Andy Reitmeyer.jpg Ashley Carr.jpg Barry Ramsdell.jpg Bart Sauter.jpg