This is a group of photos contributed by Kim Amatrudo of the New York State Pro-Am match hald at the Camillus New York range 12-13 July, 2014.

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Barney Small Bob Brushingham Bob Fortunato Bob Hamister Cody Kurtz
Barney Small.jpg Bob Brushingham.jpg Bob Fortunato.jpg Bob Hamister.jpg Cody Kurtz.jpg
Dolinsky Crew Frank Marks Gary Amatrudo Gerry Masker KMA_8604
Dolinsky Crew.jpg Frank Marks.jpg Gary Amatrudo.jpg Gerry Masker.jpg KMA_8604.jpg
KMA_8608 KMA_8632 KMA_8660 KMA_8662 copy KMA_8665
KMA_8608.jpg KMA_8632.jpg KMA_8660.jpg KMA_8662 copy.jpg KMA_8665.jpg