The 44th annual 100/200 Score Nationals were held September 13th & 14th at the Ashe County North Carolina range. It was a well run, first class event. Full results can be found here.

Photos courtesy of Clint Johnson, & Dick Grosbier.

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1st Hunter 100 yds -#2DD845 1st Place Hunter 200#2DD847 1st VFS - Kevin Donald Sr. 2nd 100 yards Hunter#2DD849
1st 200 Yard VFS- 1st Hunter 100 yds -#2DD845.jpg 1st Place Hunter 200#2DD847.jpg 1st VFS - Kevin Donald Sr..jpg 2nd 100 yards Hunter#2DD849.jpg
3rd Place Hunter 100#2DD846 3rd Place VFS 200 yd#2DD843 Allan and Lewis cooking Concentration Concentration 2
3rd Place Hunter 100#2DD846.jpg 3rd Place VFS 200 yd#2DD843.jpg Allan and Lewis cooking.jpg Concentration.jpg Concentration 2.jpg
DSC_0402 DSC_0407 DSC_0415 DSC_0418 DSC_0422
DSC_0402.jpg DSC_0407.jpg DSC_0415.jpg DSC_0418.jpg DSC_0422.jpg