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Thunderstick Benchrest Club

Colorado State Championship

600yd Match - Pueblo. CO

4-5 May , 2013

Acasia Creek proudley displays her 50 score target.

I would like to thank all of those good folks who joined us and shot this weekend. I hope more shooters come next year. This weekend we had some of the best conditions for shooting that this range has had for a BR match. The wind was low and reasonably consistent both days. Saturday had much more mirage which made the groups bigger than I would have expected for such a calm day but Sunday made up for Saturday's mirage. There were a couple range records shot on Sat, and a few more shot on Sunday. I would also like to thank the shooters for being ready to go as soon as we could start shooting on Sunday. I would also like to recognize my target/scoring crew for keeping the targets running so smoothly and scoring so efficiently and accurately. We seem to be able to get our finish time earlier each time you come out to work. Attached are the Overall rankings and results from both Sat and Sun.

Nate Miller

David Gosnell at the bench.

David and Acasia

Equipment List 5/4

Equipment List 5/5