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Connecticut State Championship Match

Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

27 October, 2012

For our final match of the season we had our finest shooter turnout aside from our state match in July. 35guns made it to the line and no one left the range hungry as we were once again treated to the Hen House Bar-B-Que's ribs, chicken, beans, potato sald and ziti (they threw in some spicy wings after I mentioned that the salad was left untouched the last few years. Shoot'n match ain't no place for veggies!).

Conditions were fairly benign today, but often twitchy and would spit shots out unexpectedly for some shooters. Peter Gagne tested the waters in the AR class while Blaine McCray and Bill Gennarro bested the semi-custom and factory classes respectively. Blaine's score was of particular interest as he was shooting a savage actioned .223 and Bill's 250 was a rarity in the factory class. Excellent shooting by both men.
The Mainiacs filled the Hunter and Varmint Hunter classes with Orland Bunker and Peter Wass taking first in their respective classes.
The VFS category found two time Bar-B-Que champ Blase Brunner out on top with Clark Shen and yours truly unable to keep up with the NJ native.
A special note for the Bell City regular shooters was seeing Vince Staskiewicz put up his first 250 and in fine fashion he managed 22x's...Unfortunately, Vince was so anxious to get back to the line that he shot in the 3rd relay instead of the first and earned a DQ. It would have also been Vince's first yardage win, but we don't want to rub it in too badly! Despite the misstep Vince seemed to be walking with a spring in his step at the end of the match, and we all know that it won't be his last run at the top.
Thanks to the target crew, my long-suffering wife and Margaret for scoring for us this season, and for all the shooters who have supported the matches.

We will be arranging a benchrest clinic next spring and will post the date when it is set. Hope to see you there.

See you all next year.
Mike Suhie

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