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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
May 26 . 2012

It was a hot and muggy day that felt like it belonged in August and not the last week in May as 18 intreped score shooters
approached the line. The warmup relay lulled us all into a sense of ease with hazy, overcast conditions and light winds, but by the time relay one rolled around the atmosphere had changed with the sun breaking through the clouds and many unexplained shots left many shooters scratching their heads. Ron Mattson was not phased by the conditions and patiently waited to lay down the top score in the VFS class. John Dinelli took second in VFS and, at the end of the match, stated to yours truly "You better watch out, Mike. I'm back!" (paraphrasing, but that was the gist) and I believe it. Peter Gagne topped the custom class with a home built aluminum-stocked rifle and Brian Fitch was the sole competitor in the factory class.
The level of competition is rising consistently at Bell City as each match and season passes and we are all enjoying the ride. The additions made to the wooden benches have helped take out much of the waggle,you still have to behave, and the backer system designed by Vince Staskiewicz (also designer/fabricator of the metalwork on the benches) worked beautifully with the pit-style target frames on the 200yd line.
Thanks also go to Rich Suhie, Roger Therrien, and Brett Beno for changing targets, and my long-suffering wife for scoring for us (Mainiacs are unsure of her existence, but, I assure you, she does exist...strongest evidence of this fact is that scores are actually accurate and well kept and the match goes without incident). She will be at the state match, God willing.

Hope to see you all at the next match.
Mike Suhie

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