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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

June 23 . 2012

Greetings to all and for those not able to join us weÊhope that youÊwere shooting somewhereÊor at least able to enjoy the beautiful weather.Ê We wish those shooting at Mainville good luck and hope the winds smile upon you with favor (more like spitting than smiling I am sure, but we wish you well none-the-less).
Once again, Ron Mattson showed us how it was done with a win inÊVFSÊwith Jim Greene, posting his best score at Bell city, coming in second.
Clark Shen and Peter Gagne were the sole competitors in their respective categories and it was the rookie and newcomer to our rangeÊBlaine McRay taking first in the semi-custom category.Ê Blaine also shot very well in VFS with a reticled 9 with his (gasp) 6ppc keeping him from placing higher, butÊotherwise turned in a great performance.Ê The rest of us decided to make it easy on the score keeper and make our 9's "manly 9's".
We are looking forward to our first State Championship in July and hope to see you all there.Ê If you have any questions about accomodations or local attractions please check outÊthe information on this websiteÊunder the "Ranges" then under "by club name" then under Bell CityÊ"more information".
Mike Suhie

Equipment List