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Connecticut State Championship Match

Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

July 28-29 . 2012

Winners Mike Suhie , KL Miller and Kim Llewellyn. Orland Bunker the big winner in Hunter class was reportedly almost back in Maine by the time this photo got taken.

Many more photos can be found in Gallery 9

The first Connecticut State Championship was held this weekend and 45 guns turned out to do battle at 100 and 200yds. The weekend offered heavy rains at times, switchy winds and constantly changing conditions, but the changes made to the range and the heart of the target crew made the match possible. Many man hours went into getting the range ready for this match and I, first, want to thank those that helped make the match possible including the target crew of Vince, Roger, my father Rich, Ron, Ms J and Ron's wife (sorry, Ron, I forget her name, but please know that I appreciated her help a great deal especially in the rain!), my wife and Margaret for keeping the stats flowing well, and those who helped break down the range after the 200yd match was over.
Most of all I would like to thank the shooters who made the effort to come to our range and support our club in this our first State Championship. Everything that we did for the range was to try to make sure that your time here was enjoyable and I hope that you did...despite some of the delays.

The 100yd stage found the shooters facing fairly calm conditions for most of the day until a lightening delay set us back a bit and left the target crew wet for the remainder of the match. The conditions laid down fairly well after the heavy rain and the day finished off with overcast skies and light to very little winds despite a fairly steady rain. Of note is Charles Brock's score of 245 and 21x's in the VFS class. I happened to be shooting next to Charles when the errant shot occurred and apparently there must have been some water in the barrel despite clearing it with two sighters. He finished that target with 4 pin-wheel x's...he may have uttered some explicatives, but this is a family site and I am sure that you all can imagine.

The 200yd stage gave the shooters a chance at some more challenging conditions from windshield-wiper switchy winds for the first 3 matches to a calm that would lull you into a false sense of security and float a shot out into the nine or beyond at times. The usual mirage that Bell City produces stayed away for most of the day with the rain being light and very intermittent and cloud cover until the very end of the day when the sun poked through.

I hope that everyone who attended had a good time and left with full bellies and some good memories. I know that I will not forget it and I would like to thank you all for making us better. Better shooters, better club, and better friends.

Mike Suhie

KL Miller continued his winning streak in Varmint Hunter class.

Brian Fitch was the winner in Factory class.

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