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Connecticut State Championship Match

Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

29 September. 2012

Another excellent turnout for Bell City as we hosted our final 200yd match for the season. This match marked the second half of the CT vs NJ group/score grudge match and for the second year in a row NJ has come out on top...I need to talk to my wife (our scorekeeper) about this. The CT guys were able to close the gap a little bit this year, but the NJ crew eeked :) out a win by one point...and five x's.
We had a strong contingent of Mainiacs who took home all of the wood for the VH, H and VFS classes. Of note is David Steen's win which happens to be 1) his first 250 at 200yds and 2) His first win at 200yds. I was honored to take second place to his excellent performance due in no small part to his final target which had three beautiful wipeouts, an X, and a solid 10. Peter Gagne took top honors in our semi-custom class shooting his custom built 6mm and only dropping 3 points on the day.
Many thanks to those who helped the match run well, and we are all very much looking forward to our last match next month. Benchrest and Bar-B-Que can't get much better.

Equipment List