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Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club

Maine State 100/200 Championship

Augusta, Maine
1 - 2 September , 2012

Hopefully the names and everything are spelled correctly and all equipment is listed accurately. I checked them twice but I have made the same mistake more than once, like Sunday’s triple tapping a ten while thinking it was a nine! On behalf of the Mainers, we would like to thank all the shooters from afar that supported our match this weekend. We hope to be able to respond in like kind in the future, especially taking almost all the honors home. There were some outstanding performances both days, but I will leave the obvious for you to figure out. Not so obvious was a few crossfires, but that is why he has the moniker, Cross-fire Henry. Little did we know that Henry has been mentoring a younger protégé, Peter Wass! Peter, you have a way to go yet but you learn well so don’t despair. Henry is a tough act to follow. I had the poor fortune to shoot on side of K. L. Miller. Poor fortune because my ego kept getting stomped when I thought I shot especially well and then would check his target. Pretty much every match, he beat my score shooting a VH, 6 power rig. It didn’t take me long to start looking elsewhere. There is of course always a silver lining, if you look hard enough, and this time it is that K. L. is not in VFS! Yea.

Best regards,

Equipment List