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Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
7 April , 2012

Computer problems prohibit Randy Jarvais in Maine from his usual prompt & complete results, but for now he sent the highlights.

We had 23 shooting which included 14 VFS, 3 Htr, 3 VH, and 3 factory for the 4/7/12 opening match.
VFS: Frank Danisienka 250-19x, Greg Palman 250-18x, and Randy Jarvais 250-17x
Htr: Orland Bunker 246-14x, Scott Garman 244-10x, and George Jones 244-4x
F: David Grimes 244-7x, Bob Robertson 244-4x, and Edward Woods 242-5x

It was a dry, mostly cloudy day with a left to right as the predominant wind direction. Six shooters managed 250’s.


* denotes Rookie

Equipment List