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Fairfax Rod & Gun

200 Yard Score Match, Manassas, VA
January 11 , 2012

Winners Wayne Shaw, Don Jones and Herb Llewellyn

For January it was a very nice day for a match at the Fairfax R&G range. Temperature creeped up to 50 by the end of the shoot but as the temperature increased so did the wind. Herb Llewllyn's winning score of 248-9x pretty much tells the story on the tricky winds. But it was sunny with no precipitation so by January standards a pretty nice day.

Dick Spencer

Herb Llewellyn

Relative Rookie shooter Hunter Pugh shot well.

Waiting for the awards.

Kim and Herb Llewellyn, and Wayne France.

Wayne France our match director reads the results and gives the awards.


Equipment List