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18th Bud Pryor

Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club

Location Thurmont Maryland
Date June 8-10, 2012

The big winners Gary Long (Hunter), KL Miller (Var-Htr) & Dean Breeden (Varmint For Score)

Lots more event photos in Gallery Three (click here to view)

It was the second weekend in June and  as has been done for 18 consecutive years the best Score shooters in the country converged on Thurmont Maryland for the biggest shoot  of the year The Bud Pryor . Weather as is almost traditional for this event was in the 90’s and with no rain.
Attendance was good with 50 Guns on the line making it even better attended than the 100/200 nationals. I can attest to this since I did not get around to writing this article till after the Nationals which had 46 guns on the line.

At 100 Yards Paul Bielec won VFS with 250-21x, folloerd by Dave Short with 20x and Tim Henninger with 19x, Randy Perkowski turned in a very respectable 250-12x in Hunter and Allie Euber’s 249-12x was top Score in Var-Htr class.

Saturday saw things get tougher as the targets were moved back to 200 yards. Dick Spencer after a poor finish at 100 yards  turned in a fine 200 yard score of 250-10x to beat out Roy Hunter  250-9x and Dave Short 250-8x in VFS class. Gary Long won Hunter with a 248-06 score. Dave Thomas shot a 248-7x in Varmint Hunter.

Sunday saw three Thurmont veterans duking it out  for the 300 yard VFS win with Dean Breeden finishing on top with 250-9x . Roy Hunter finished 3rd and Kim Llewellyn was 4th both with 250-4x scores. Rookie Shooter Dave Richardson up from Ocala Fl. In his first ever visit to Thurmont took 4th with 249-5x. Gary long once again won the Hunter class with a 243-3x score . KL Miller took Var-Htr with a 246-2x.

When all the points for all three yardages were added up the big winners were Dean Breeden in VFS with a 750-34x, Gary Long in Hunter with a  740-21x and KL miller in Var-Htr with 741-17x. One other point worth mentioning is the fact that Roy Hunter shooting a 6 PPC in a stock of his own design shot the only other 750 (24x) to take 2nd in VFS class.

One last note the Flying Fish Fundamentals 2 gun award for a VFS Gun and a 6X power gun was also won by Dean Breeden with a 1485-47x score.

Dick Grosbier 


Varmint For Score class winners. Kim Llewellyn, David Richardson, Roy Hunter, Dean Breeden, and Dave Short.

100 Yard Detailed report

200 Yard Detailed report

300 Yard Detailed report

Ricky Read was presented with his Silver level Precision Rifleman award at the dinner.

Hunter & Var-Htr winners, Randy Perkowski, Allie Euber, Gary Long, KL Miller and Dave Thomas.

Equipment List

D. Breeden VFS 30 BR Farley   Lapua Goodling Goodling NiteForce 42   N-130 10X 115 Fed 205m
R. Hunter VFS 6 PPC Bat Krieger Lapua Goodling R.Hunter Leupold 36 29.3 N133   65 Fed 205
D. Short VFS 30 BR Stolle Bartlein Lapua Short Short Weaver 36 34.5 H-4198 DT 115 Fed 205
K. Llewellyn VFS 30 BR Nesika Rock Creek Lapua B. Green   March 50 34.6 H-4198 DT 108 Fed 205m
P. Bielec VFS 30 BR Rimrock Hart Lapua Borden Borden Leupold 40   H-4198 Euber 115 Fed 205m
D. Richardson VFS 30 BR Bat Kreiger Lapua R. Long Robertson NiteForce 42 34.2 H-4198 Cheek 118 Fed 205m
C. Nelson VFS 30 BR Stolle Krieger Lapua Goodling SYG Leupold 40 36 H-4198   108 Fed 205
L. Euber VFS 30 BR Hart Lilja Lapua LaChapele Latino Weaver 36 36 H-4198 Euber 115 Fed 205m
D. Apple VFS 30 BR Rimrock Hart Lapua Borden Borden NiteForce 42 34 H-4198 10X 115 Fed 205
T. Henninger VFS 30 BR Nesika Rock Creek Lapua B. Green   Leupold 45 34.6 H-4198 Thomas 108 Fed 205m
R. Read VFS 30 BR Hart Shilen Lapua Borden McMillan Weaver 36 34.7 N130 Cheek 118 Fed 205m
W. France VFS 30 BR Bat Rock Creek Lapua France B.Green Leupold 45 36.1 N-130 10X 115 Fed 205m
D. Spencer VFS 30 BR Bat Bartlein Lapua Self   NiteForce 42 34.5 H-4198 10X 115 Fed 205
J. Cascarino VFS 30 BR Bat Krieger Lapua B. Green McMillan NiteForce 42 34.5 H-4198 10X 115 Fed 205m
F. Ridgway VFS 30 BR Stolle Lilja Lapua Harren Harren NiteForce 42 34.8 H-4198 Harren 110 Fed 205
G. Long HTR 30X47 Hall Kreiger Lapua G.Long McMillan Leupold 6 40 N133 Bib 112 Fed 205
R. Perkowski HTR 30X44 Stolle Rock Creek Lapua FP&P Perkowski Leupold 6 34 H-4198 10X 115 CCI
D. Breeden HTR 30X44 Stiller Pac-Nor Lapua Goodling G.Long Burris 6   N-130 DT 108 Fed 205
KL Miller VH 30 BR Bat Kreiger Lapua Goodling Self Burris 6 33.8 H-4198 DTM 108 Fed 205m
D. Thomas VH 30 BR Bat Lilja Lapua Goodling Six Burris 6 34.5 H-4198 DT 108 Fed 205m
C. Brock VH 30 BR Bat Rock Creek Lapua G.Long McMillan Leupold 6 33.7 H-4198 Hills 122 Fed 205m