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Vermont State Meter Championship

Caladonia Field & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
July 7-8 , 2012

IBS VP John Cascarino won The 200 and the Grand Agg. this was his first State Championship Match win. I noticed when reviewing last years results of this match that John won his first single yardage aggregate one year ago at this event , winning the 100m agg.

Great turn-out with 38 guns. Conditions were the worst winds and mirage we've ever had here and shooting was a struggle, the winds blew over target frames, etc. In that environment, however, K.L. Miller was able to put up 2 new potential records in Varmint Hunter. I'll have some pictures and more story later, but beat up and worn out for tonight.

Reed Garfield

KL Miller won everything in Varmint Hunter and set 2 potential IBS Records.

100 Meters


Father Son David-Ted Steen

200 Meters

Dr. Bill

Grand Aggregate

John Cascarino again.

Marty Carasole at the bench.

Hrb Llewellyn was 2nd at 100 and in the Grand.

Peter Hills was 3rd in VH all weekend.