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Vermont State 100/200 Championship

Caledonia Field & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
September15-16 , 2012

Vermont State Champions, from left: Todd LaForce, Factory; K.L. Miller, Varmint Hunter; Roscoe Murray, Hunter; Frank Danisienka, Varmint for Score.


One of the most competitive shoots ever at St. Johnsbury this weekend, with exasperating conditions that saw only three shooters stay clean through both days -- and one of them was K.L. Miller in Varmint Hunter.

In Varmint for Score, Frank Danisienka was resolute through the second agg and put up 13 Xs to overcome Allie Euber, Randy Jarvais and Bill Sargent, all who had more Xs in the 100-yard agg than he did. Just great shooting. Allie Euber (500/30) and Randy Jarvais (499/27) made up the Top 3.

What can I say about K.L. Miller? He shot like a machine all weekend and put up numbers that would have given him third place in Varmint for Score -- but he did it with a Varmint Hunter gun and 6X scope. A 250/6X at 200-yards capped off his 250/17X at 100-yards. Charles Brock (493/18) and Peter Hills (488/17) made up the Top 3 in Varmint Hunter.

Hunter Benchrest belonged to Roscoe Murray, who seemed to a distant second to Bill Sargent (250/20 vs. 246/10) after the first agg, came back in agg 2 with 248/3 to best Dr. Bill's 243/7. Orland Bunker shot a solid 493/17 to join the Top 3.

Todd LaForce won his first Factory grand agg with a 488/14 over Sunny Bona's 473/12.

100 Yards

Bill Sargent with his wood pile from the Vermont State Championships including Two-Gun Combined. At the end of two grueling days of wind and mirage, the three shooters competing in Two-Gun were: Bill Sargent (992/54), Roscoe Murray (992/35), and Charles Brock (991/37). Great shooting by all.

200 Yards


Grand Aggregate