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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington, Connecticut
26 October , 2013

30 degrees in the a.m. with a high (supposedly) in the 50's with winds between 10-20mph were the conditions that greeted the 35 (one of the best turnouts we've had) shooters in our final match of the year. Thankfully, the food was fantastic, the sun was out, and there were many happy faces and full bellies by the end of the day. If you left hungry today it was your own fault as we were treated to the Hen House Bar-B-Que's finest dishes and in large enough quantity to feed another 10 men.
Only three competitors were able to stay clean through the gusty conditions and it was yours truly taking top honors in the VFS class with Peter Hills taking a creedmore win over Orland in H and Blaine McRay and his wicked savage .223 topping the Custom class.
We also handed out the Bell City Score shooter of the year award and, once again, it was a tight race for first place with yours truly taking top honors (ehem, 4 years in a row), Vince Staskiewicz taking a close second (one point away) and Brian Fitch taking third.
Our most improved shooter of the year honors also went to the third place SSOY, Brian Fitch. Brian has really put out a great effort this year and traveled to a number of out-of-state matches and performed well (maybe not so much at the Maine 200-300, but we'll let that slide :) ) and helped grow our sport a little more by doing so. He has been steadily improving over the past 3 years and I would not be surprised to see him at the top in some bigger matches next year.

Thanks to all the shooters who keep these matches running with your support and volunteer efforts. It is greatly appreciated and I hope to see you all next year. I have truly enjoyed shooting with you all, and hope that next year we can keep our momentum going and continue to grow Benchrest at Bell City.

Mike Suhie

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