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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
April 28 . 2013

It was an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning with winds present and nary a cloud in the sky. We had our highest turnout for a club match with 37 guns hitting the line for our first match of the season. Representatives from ME, NH, NJ (who let them in is beyond me!),NY, CT, PA, and VT by way of FLA. A humbling turnout for this match director. What was more humbling was that the usual crew of my father and wife were absent due to a long-awaited trip to Europe for my folks and subsequent lack of babysitting for my kiddos, and the match still went off without a hitch. Beyond that was the fact that just after match one yours truly had an unexpected leave of absense around lunch time and still the match carried on thanks to the efforts of the Mainiacs and the stalwart CT crew. To say that there are great people that participate in these matches is an understatement.
Thank you to all those who helped make this match successful and I hope that our next match is less eventful.
I can only infer from the results that Mr. Shinglock is happy with his long awaited rifle and needed to beat the pants off of the rest of us because he forgot his! (Phyllis will appreciate this I am sure). The Hunter class saw Mr. Orland Bunker on top with Peter Hills a creedmore 2nd in what appeared to be a great back and forth battle. Our Factory and Custom classes also had a great turnout and saw Bill Gennaro and Blaine McRay (shooting his savage .223) coming out on top in their respective classes.

Our next match is May 11th at 200yds and I hope to have order restored to the universe at that time. Thank you to all those who helped out in my absence - everything came out well and the Bell City benchrest contingent grew a little larger today.

Humbly submitted,
Mike Suhie

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