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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
17 August , 2013

An excellent turnout for what was an unseasonably cool day, 30 shooters (not all appear on our match list) came out for the score shoot as well as our 3rd annual NJ vs CT group/score grudge match. This year CT was finally able to put it all together and best the NJ crew at least for the score portion of the battle. We will be going down to Cherry Ridge on October 12th for the group portion of the grudge match where the NJ crew has shown some serious skills.
In the IBS portion of the match it was yours truly leading the way with Blasé "CT Killer" Brunner keeping pace just behind until the last match where a shot dropped out of the bottom for me, and Blasé put up 5 solid x's to clinch the win. Glenn Olenick put in a great performance as well and managed a second place. This is Blase's 3rd year in a row taking first place at the NJ/CT matches and he shows no signs of slowing down. With the nationals just around the corner I imagine he will give everyone a run for their money at Weikert.
Our Hunter class saw Tim O'Mara out on top with a solid performace besting Peter Gagne for the win.
Thanks to the target crew, the wife and Margaret for keeping the stats flowing, and to all the shooters who attended. For those who are able to make the September match at 200yds we will see you there, and for anyone who hasn't made it yet the last match in October has some great Bar-B-Que and has always been a challenging match with the winds of winter nipping at our heals.
Thanks again,
Mike Suhie


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