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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
28 September , 2013

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect day today: 70F, low humidity, light wind...so why in the heck could not a single person stay clean?! A question for the ages, I suppose, and one that will have to stay unanswered for now. Mirage, missing a switch, indigestion - too many possibilities to name!
We had a couple Mainiacs come down and clean house in the Hunter class with Orland taking 1st while David Steen was leading the way in the VFS class through the first 3 matches. With the only clean record through match 4, the demon struck and David joined the ranks of the unwashed. John Dinelli was thrust to the fore leading in x-count over yours truly, but in the last match the mirage, or something, got the best of him and I managed to squeak out a win.
Our next match will be the Bar-B-Que bash on October 26th and all are welcome. If you have shot twice with use this year the food is on the house and it is usually a very well attended match with lots of great competition and good friends....and the food is OK, too. NO SALADS THIS YEAR!!!!
Thanks, again, to the target crew, my wife the stats lady, and all the shooters for coming out.
Hope to see you all there next month, and wish the CT crew good luck as we travel down to NJ next month for the second half of our CT/NJ grudge match. This might be our year!! probably not.