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Connecticut State Championship Match

Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

July 20-21 . 2013

George Jones won the 100 yd aggregate dashing Herb Llewellyns hopes for a clean sweep.

Grand Aggregate winners Herb Llewellyn and Orland Bunker flank 2-Gun winner John Diinelli.

With temperatures in the 90's and a heat index over 100F our 2nd State match kicked off on Saturday - a steamy, sticky day that found fewer competitors than last years match but a fine group of shooters none-the-less. The intrepid target crew schlepped through the swampy soup and kept the match going as George Jone and Orland Bunker kept their cool (who didn't see that phrase coming?) and bested the field in the VFS and H classes respectively. A rainstorm threatened though never did materialize on Saturday afternoon, but the front did bring in a more tolerable Sunday with regard to weather.
The 200yd stage found only one competitor, Herb Llewellyn, in the VFS class who, was able to stay clean despite the heavy mirage and continue his winning season. Orland, again, bested the H class and took first at 200 and clinched the grand agg as well.
Congrats to the winners and also to those who achieved some of their best shooting at this match...Vince Staskiewiecz put up his best score at 100yds (legally this time) and was in the running along with Brian Fitch at 200yds until they each dropped a point on the last target allowing Ron "The X-Man" Mattson and Clark Shen to move into the 2nd and 3rd positions.
We have decided to try to get this match into a more humane time of year so that we might have a chance to work without being struck by lightning or suffer heat stroke. Wish us luck.
Thanks to all those who attended and hope you all have a great rest of the season.
Mike Suhie

For lots more photos of the match click here



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