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Maine State 100/200 yard Championship Match

Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club

Augusta, Maine
3 - 4 August , 2013

Grand Aggregate winners Scott Garman (son Christopher helping to hold all the wood) and Randy Jarvais

Mild inconsistent conditions for the100 and switchy 5-10 mph winds for the 200. There was some good close contests for both yardages. Thanks to Ken Hope of Quebec, Canada and Tim O'Mara of PA for traveling so far to support the ME States. The Equipment List is page 17 in the PDF.

The winners, Tim O'Mara-2 gun; Peter Hills-1st Htr 100yds; George Jones-3rd VFS 100yds; David Steen-1st VFS 200yds and 2nd gr. agg; Scott Garman-1st Htr Gr. Agg, 1st Htr 200yds, 2nd 100yds, high x; me-1st Gr. Agg, 1st 100yds, 3rd 200yds, high X; Dick Parrino-3rd VFS Gr. Agg, 2nd 100yds, 2nd 200yds; and Parker Hills-2nd Htr Gr. Agg, 3rd 100yds, 2nd 200 yds.


Equipment List