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Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
14 July, 2013
Once again this season, and eerie calm encased the Range at Damariscotta for our 100 yard match. Anyone who has had the pleasure of joining us at this range, can agree Wild conditions are fairly regular. 90 degree temps, and no wind, rendering daisy's and probes useless. With hardly enough movement to rustle the tails through match 3 on half the range, the other end did manage some conditions, but nothing steady anywhere to be found. Mirage started to roll as a heavy dew floated away to high humidity. Some of us, me, had a slow start with the mirage and lack of anything to shoot in. Others had strong starts, middles and finishes.

Taking the top honors in VFS today, and it warms my heart to say, a good friend and one of our Senior shooters, “Crossfire “ Henry Chapman managed to stay not only clean with 20-xs, But stayed on his own target ALL DAY ! Great job.

Good showing by Richard Parrino today for second place 250 – 19x. A serious return, after a lengthy lay off, Chris Mitchell showed up to play for 3rd 250 – 18.

Uncle Creedmoor showed up and shuffled the remaining 3 in the top five all day.

Excellent day for Peter Hills, keeping them all in the ten ring in the hunter class, 250 – 10. Closely followed by Orland bunker and Scott Garman , 250 – 16 / 250 – 11 respectively.

A new shooter cam to the line today with a factory rifle, held her own with an impressive 248 – 7. Good shooting Cindy

Overall a good show and good times had by all.

Thank You to all the Shooters, Target crew / scoring staff and Match Director , Orland Bunker




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