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Maine State Firecracker 100-200-300 yd. State Championship Match

Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
27 May , 2013

Shown standing are the winners. L-R Herb Llewellyn, Gary Long, Wayne France, Peter Hills, and Dean Breeden. Kneeling is Scorer and 1/2 the brave target crew that worked through horrendous conditions Stepanie Buzzell.

Monday we moved on down the road to the Damariscotta range. It was a much nicer day, a little warmer , actually by the end of the match it was actually quite nice outside. No rain , at least none to speak of, but oh my did we have wind. I have seen this range when it is good, and I have seen it when it was bad. but I had no Idea how bad it could get. Flags blew down (lots of flags) Probes blew over (or at least turned sideways). It blew out of the woods , it blew into the woods, most of the time on bench one where I shot it blew one way up close and the other way farther out. It blew so hard I heard it remarked "Just hold on the Wood" (edge of target frame) to which I replied "which edge is the problem" Lots of people had shots go all the way to the red rings. I think only four 50 score targets were shot all day, 2 by Gary Long with his Hunter gun.

Gary won the Hunter Grand for the whole three days by winning every Yardage. Wayne France won the VFS Grand by not winning any Yardage, now that is different.

Dick Grosbier

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Equipment List