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3rd Annual Roy Oines Memorial 2 Gun and Wisconsin State Championship Match.

Holmen Rod & Gun Club, Holmen WI

22-23 June 2012

The Third Annual REO Memorial IBS WI State two gun score match was held at the Holmen Rod and Gun Club on June 22-23. Saturday’s weather report predicted strong storms with heavy rainfall amounts and winds from 20-30 mph.  The forecast was mostly correct with the heavy rain in the early morning and had stopped for the entire day before the commence fire command. The head winds were only 5-10 mph and switching L-R & R-L with some mirage thrown in made for “Sporty” conditions. Most of the 19 competitors struggled, moans & groans along with some unprintably comments, aka verbal wind flags, were heard. Four people kept it together and shot 250’s at 100 yards.


Wade Hunnewell                                250-16

Randy Perkowski                                 250-16

Richard Hunnewell                            250-11

Chris Taylor                                           250-11

Mark Taylor                                          249-14


After an excellent lunch of pork tenderloins and all the trimmings, flags were moved for the 200 yard.


Wade Hunnewell                                246-8

LaVerne Nelson                                   246-5

Paul Weihe                                            244-3

Chris Taylor                                            244-1

Randy Perkowski                                 244-1


Hunter Grand

Wade Hunnewell                                496-24

Randy Perkowski                                 494-17

Chris Taylor                                           494-12

LaVerne Nelson                                   493-14

Paul Weihe                                            490-11


Sunday’s VFS weather was much the same with 10-20+ winds. 17 competitors. Five 250’s


100 yards

Wade Hunnewell                                250-17  Hmmmmm Where have we heard that name?

Chad Hilton                                           250-15

Randy Perkowski                                 250-14

Thomas Gollob                                     250-13

Richard Hunnewell                            250-10


Another lunch break of steak sandwiches and set-up the 200 commence fire command was given at high noon.


Paul Weihe                                            247-6

James Lederer                                      247-6

Chad Schmidt                                        247-3

David Halblom                                      246-3

Randy Perkowski                                 245-6


VFS Grand

Randy Perkowski                                 495-20

James Lederer                                      495-16

Paul Weihe                                            495-15

Chad Schmidt                                        495-10

Chad Hilton                                            494-17


13 people competed for the REO Memorial Two Gun traveling trophy that was donated by David Halblom.


Wade Hunnewell                                989-46

Randy Perkowski                                 989-37

Paul Weihe                                            985-26

LaVerne Nelson                                   981-29

James Lederer                                     979-26


Congratulations Wade!

Thanks to Tony & Jim…. Target crew

Special thanks to Bruce Hansen aka “UNO” for serving breakfast, lunches, range prep. and Mike Andresen, stats & scoring. Both are 6X shooters that gave up shooting this weekend to make this tournament  happen. I believe Roy would agree. YOU DONE GOOD!

Good Jokes, weather, food, fun and shooting with friends, What more could I ask for?

See you down range,

Craig Nagel




Detailed results will be posted as soon as available.