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Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman's Club

19th Annual 200 -300 National Championship Match
27 -28 July , 2013

Grand Aggregate winners Ed Niazi & Gary Long Ed is a Rookie and Just won a National Championship match.

The 19th annual IBS 200/300 yard Score Nationals were held at Thurmont 27-28 July , weather was pretty cooperative with a couple of exceptions one being major. Attendance was disappointing as is the attendance at most matches this year. The high gas prices and shortage of virtually all reloading materials is definitely taking a toll. we had 36 guns on the line 6 Hunter Class entries and 30 Varmint For Score rifles. Weather on Saturday was hot but not terribly oppressive with plenty of wind as evidenced by the fact only 3 competitors shot 250's on Saturday. The true low point of the day was the fact that a storm front came through and dumped enormous amounts of water and wind on relay three's final match. Hit especially bad was Stephen Wargo who was clean at the beginning of the match and down 5 points at. the end. Another very competitive shooter got had for 4 points dropped. Weather Sunday was more hot and humid than Saturday but wind was decreased. Roy Hunter shooting a 6 PPC like he did at this range to shoot a 750 6 weeks earlier at the Bud thought he had a new 300 yard record locked but it eluded him on the final match. The big story of the weekend is Rookie Shooter Ed Niazi who shot very well all weekend and blew everybody away winning the Grand Aggregate i VFS class by a considerable Margin. 200 VFS was won by Randy Jarvais from Maine. And the 300 was won by local gal Kim Llewellyn who is deadly at 300 on this range. Hunter class 200yd was won by Dean Breeden but at 300 Gary Long dominated and won the Grand by a large margin. The Thurmont target crew was fast and efficient as always and we were done fairly early both days. A good time was had by most of the shooters.

For more Photos of match click here.


Grand Aggregate Results

Ed Niazi, David Richardson, Kevin Donalds Jr., Curtis Nelson, Kim Llewellyn, Randy Jarvais, KL Miller, Gary Long, and Dean Breeden.

200 yard detailed report

300 yard detailed report

Equipment List