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19th Bud Pryor & Maryland State 100/200/300

Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club

Thurmont Maryland
7-9 June , 2013

Grand Aggregate winners Gary Long (Hunter Class) Roy Hunter (VFS class)

Friday June 7th saw Score shooters from as far away as Ocala Florida and Cornville Maine gather at the beautiful Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman’s Club range in Thurmont Maryland. They were there for the 19th Annual Bud Pryor Memorial Match. This match is also the Maryland State 100-200-300 championship, it is a pivotal match in the Score Shooter Of the Year race because it has as many points up for grab as a Nationals.

But the Bud Pryor became a very popular match long before it became an important SSOY match, we feature 100 yards on Friday, 200 on Saturday followed up around 6 PM with a Barbeque dinner with all the trimmings at the club house, and on Sunday the “great equalizer “ 300 yards which separates the good shooters from the really good shooters.

Friday we started at 100yds at 11 am it was rainy and miserable, as the day went on the wind picked up some and before we were done I actually compared it to how wet and windy it was in Orrington Maine two weeks earlier , luckily at least it was not as cold. Herb Llewellyn set a blistering pace at 100yds turning in a 250-24x performance in some challenging conditions he was followed closely at 23x by David Apple. There were 27 250’s in VFS class at 100.¬† Also very noteworthy, in Hunter class Dean Breeden shot 250-17x and Gary Long 16x.

Saturday at 200 the rain was gone (mostly), and the temperature got up to around 80. All eyes were on Herb Llewellyn after his performance on Friday ,he shot the only 50-5x target in match one so many were watching as he planted a 9 on his target on match 3. So much for him (we thought). But Kim Llewellyn ended up on the top of the pile at the end of the day with a 250-10x score only beating Ricky Read by Creedmore. There were six 250’s in VFS and Gary Long won Hunter class with a fine 247-3x score.

Saturday night we had a great BBQ dinner and the 100 and 200 awards were distributed to save time Sunday afternoon when everybody is anxious to get on the road home.

Sunday promised to be a tough day of shooting at 300 yards, the called for temperature of around 83 coupled with the very saturated ground could have made for horrible mirage. Luckily the day was overcast for the most part and mirage did get bad a few times but never as horrible as I have seen at Thurmont. Wind was constant and switchy and at the end of the day one lone shooter Roy Hunter¬† was clean for the weekend with a 750-24x. Roy was shooting a 6-PPC and his performance was no fluke as Roy was one of only two clean shooters at last years “Bud”
All in all it was a very full 3 days of shooting and we had a number of first time attendees most of which told me they had a great time and looked forward to next years “Bud”.

Dick Grosbier

Many additional photos can be found in Gallery Three


100 Yard Detailed report

200 Yard Detailed report

300 Yard Detailed report

Top Junior Shooter, Kevin Donalds Jr.

Equipment List