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Vermont State 100/200 yd. Championship

Caledonia Forest & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
14-15 September , 2013


Randy Jarvais set a blistering pace by shooting a new potential Grand aggregate VFS record of 500-40x.

Here's the Vermont State Championships -- Yards results. In some of the most complex conditions I've ever shot in, Randy Jarvais ended the weekend with a possible new World Record for the Grand Agg of 500/40X. One of the most impressive demonstrations of condition-reading skills I've seen. Only one other shooter in VFS was able to put up a 500 and Bob Blanchard did that with a 6 PPC! Randy is as hot as any shooter in the game right now. Also, longtime Hunter competitor Orland Bunker shot his best-ever at 100 yards with a 250/19 and a best-ever at 200 with 250/8. In a field of 29 guns, Orlande put up the only other 500 for the weekend with a 6X power scope. John Cascarino highlighted his weekend with a 50/5X on his first paper at 200 yards.


Orland Bunker laid down a solid 500-27x score in Hunter class. It should be noted this was 2nd high score of all the shooters at the match.