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Lincoln Izaak Walton Club

Bennet, Nebraska
3-4 August , 2013

The winners, left to right, Mike Bigelow, Tom Gollob,Jeff Shultz, Tom Gonnerman, and Jason Stanley. Missing is Randy Robinett, Hunter / VFS winner. I think he was off discussing the effects of atmospheric pressure and bullet drift.
Mike Shapoval


August 3rd  - Hunter Class - Varmint for Score contested. 

    Saturday’s match had five Hunter Class guns and six Varmint for Score shooting the 200-yard stage in the morning and the 300-yard stage in the afternoon. A few Iowa soles made their way over to test their skills on the range.  The temperatures were around the mid 70’s with moderate winds from the East Southeast and intermittent cloud cover throughout the day.


August 4th  - Varmint for Score

   The Sunday match saw pretty much the same conditions with the exception in that the winds picked up. There were a dozen shooters on hand for this match. In some trying conditions, during the 200-yard stage, Jeff Shultz was the only one who managed to turn in a perfect 250 with 12 X.



Equipment List