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44th Annual 100/200 Yard National Championship Match

Ashe County Wildlife Club

Laurel Springs , North Carolina
13-14 September, 2014

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The big winners, Kevin Donalds Sr., K.L. Miller, & Dean Breeden. Dean won the 2-Gun National Championship.

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Over the weekend of September 13-14 the Ashe County Wildlife Club of Laurel Springs NC hosted the 44th annual IBS 100/200 Score Nationals. This was my third visit to Ashe County this year and I must say it gets better each time. They have a great crew of people and a wonderful facility. 30 covered benches attached directly to a very large (40’x160’) reloading, scoring, dining, clubhouse. The target crew was very good and very fast. A match with full bench rotation can be a nightmare for any target crew but these guys handled it like old pro’s even though it was their first ever attempt. The entire range is built on the side of a big hill. They have literally moved thousands of cubic yards of dirt (50,000+) to build this facility. The clubhouse is built on an enormous pile of the earth that has been removed from the hill. Sixty-two guns were on the line for the event. The shooters traveled from as far away as Florida, Wisconsin & Maine. Considering the miserable weather forecast for Saturday it was really a pretty nice day. We did have rain but thanks to the way the roof overhangs the firing line the competitors stayed dry, only the target crew got wet. In spite of this they did an excellent job, they were fully prepared as the forecast was for a very high percentage chance of rain. Saturday got into the high 70’s and actually got a little muggy. Sunday was overcast cooler and little if any rain fell.

Saturday at 100 yards it was the Kevin & K.L. show, Kevin Donalds Sr. and K.L. Miller took the lead in Varmint For Score, and Hunter classes respectively all day long. Kevin turned in a fine score of 250-22x followed closely by Dean Breeden with 21x, Dean was just barely short of the win all weekend in both classes. Mike Niblet was 3rd with 20x.  There were six 250-20x scores shot, four 19x and eight 18x scores. KL miller turned in a fine 250-18x score in Hunter Class followed closely by Peter Hills, and Frank McKee both with 250-16’s. It was moderately windy and switchy all day and since the Nationals involve shooting each record match from a different bench you essentially faced a new set of conditions each time you came to the line.

Sunday it was overcast and cooler but not as rainy. Anthony Isner stepped up and took the lead in VFS class turning in a fine 250-16x score. Second place went to, you guessed it, Dean Breeden. Dean’s 250-15x was followed closely by Kevin Donalds Sr. also with 15x. In Hunter class it was Randy Jarvais turn to win an aggregate, his 250-9x score beat out Dean’s 250-8x and KL’s 250-7x scores.

In the VFS Grand aggregate with 500-37x it was Kevin Donalds Sr. followed by Dean Breeden with 36x and Anthony Isner with 34x. K.L. won the Hunter Grand agg. Handily, his 500-25x beating Dean’s 23x and Randy’s 20x totals. The IBS 2-Gun award went to Dean Breeden with a record score of  1000-59x  this is a potential new 2-Gun record as he bested his own record by 7x.

All in all it was a very well run match at a great new facility. This was the first Nationals event to be held there but it will not be the last. Hats off to E.T. Weaver and his crew.


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