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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

25 October, 2014

I am not sure I can express the gratitude and good feelings I had when we finished up our 3rd annual Bar-B-Q match yesterday. 50 shooters made it to the line, a record turnout for Bell City including our state matches, and were treated to some beautiful weather, good shooting, and great food (I hope). We had our 3rd annual CT vs NJ grudge match within the registered match (hence why the total didn't come to 50 on the match report, but they were there) finding CT out on top by only 7 x's with a tie 1249 combined score of the top five shooters from each club. The weather was excellent considering just the day before it was cold and raining with 10-20mph winds, and though the shoot went a little longer than some had planned we had a great time. One of the things I wish I had done was to get some photos of the group all together, but things got a little hectic in the score house when the third relay started to fill up and yours truly realized that we would need more targets to cover the fourth relay!

We had three junior shooters two of whom (who also won and came in second in the custom class) were only at their second match ever. Great shooting by all three.

The Bell City Score Shooter of the Year was also finalized yesterday and the results were identical to last year: Yours truly taking first place with 1246 - 70x, Vince Staskiewicz taking second with 1243- 51x, and Brian Fitch taking third with 1242 - 52x. These scores are the total of the best 3 matches at 100yds and best 2 at 200yds.

It has been a pleasure shooting with you all this season, and we are all looking forward to shooting next year with NY now having registered matches and trying to get more people out there at the range.
I can't thank the target crew (including Victoria Olenick who jumped in to help out), range officers, and the shooters enough for making these matches a success. Neither I nor the club could have imagined that we would have a turnout like this, and it is truly humbling to say the least. Big thanks to Donna Grant who helped with the stats, and who will be taking over the scoring at Lincoln County next year. I am sure she will do well despite the shoes she has to fill.

Thanks again,
Mike Suhie
Match Director, Bell City Rifle Club

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