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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
April 12 . 2014

We had 28 guns, a fine turnout, on the line today in this our first match of the season. The spring rain and cold stayed away and we were treated to a sunny, mild spring day. A few gentlemen from up north came down and were happy to know that grass does still grow in some places in the northeast, and enjoyed their time in the sun. It was great to see some faces we haven't seen for a while and to watch some new shooters enjoy their time at the range. It is great to have the support from so many states and hopefully continue our success at Bell City.
Conditions for the first three matches held fairly steady, but the 4th and 5th proved difficult for many - that nice little left to right became a right to left/head wind that just wouldn't stay around for more than a shot or two. Mirage was present at times, but if you waited a bit it would go away and then you were left with the tricky switches with which to contend.

Congratulations to Henry Miller - our top Junior shooter, and all the other winners for today.

Thanks to all who came and shot with us and for those who helped run the match. Things just aren't the same without the Mrs.(previous obligations with the kids) at the scoring helm, but we press on and make it happen.
Hope to see you all at the CT States in June, and good luck this season - Dad and I are hoping to make it to the Firecracker in May, and finally get to witness the conditions we hear so much about up there.

Good Shooting,

Mike Suhie


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