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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

27 September, 2014

Today was one of the more challenging days at Bell City I have seen in a while - switching winds and rarely a condition that would hold for more than 2 shots, or repeat with the same intensity. I watched a shooter take a shot, the condition reversed, he loaded a round in the chamber, the condition changed vector and velocity again, and then he looked through the scope to see a third condition that looked similar to the first, but was a wolf in sheep's clothing....8 or 9 ring low, high, left, right you name it.
The winners are listed below and I think it is safe to say that they earned their scores. After missing last month due to vacation it was great to be back with the guys and always good to get behind the gun. We always have a good time and next month we celebrate the 4th annual Bar-B-Q match which is always fun and no one leaves hungry.
Hope to see you there,
Thanks to the target crew, our new scorer, Gail, and for all the shooters that travel great distances to make these matches a success.