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Maine State 100/200 yard Championship Match

Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club

Augusta, Maine
2 - 3 August , 2014

Grand Aggregate winners Henry Chapman (VFS) and Randy Jarvais (HTR)

Overcast but light conditions on Saturday for the 100 and mostly sunny conditions today with spells of 5-10 mph and soft switchy stuff in between along with mirage. For those that do not know Henry Chapman, he is our senior (83 or 84 years young) shooter, best known for his cross-firing prowess but not this weekend and especially not today. Today he blew the competition away and the only person close was John Cascarino. The two were the only shooters able to post a 500 agg. Thanks again to travelers that joined us this weekend. We are better for it.

Butch Randall, Tim O'Mara, Peter Hills, David Steen, Henry Chapman, Randy Jarvais, John Cascarino, and Parker Hills.

Equipment List