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Maine State 200-300 yd. Championship Match

Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
4-5 October , 2014

The winners, L-R, Gary Long, Randy Jarvais, Andy Buzzell, Robert Brooks, John Cascarino, Peter Hills, Don Cameron, Parker Hills,and David Steen.

Here are the results from this past weekend at the friendly confines known as Lincoln County. Thank you to the friends that journeyed from afar to be with us for such a rewarding experience. :) The range and facilities are so nice, it is such a shame that the experience almost always leaves a bitter feeling of inadequacy for a competitor, unless of course you were the SKILLFUL winners. Saturday was a day of drizzle for most of the 200 leg with switchy inbound and some gusts. Many got caught at least once with the bottom dropping out because of velocity or hitting on the wrong side of the hold due to the switch. Sunday's 300 started as if it was going to be as bad as the Firecracker's 300 but the first match was the worst of it for velocity. As the day progressed the wind subdued from 10-15 to 5-10 mph down a few lulls late. Never the less it was still a challenge as the direction provided swirls making for a shooting lane of both flag colors. You just had to pick your poison of which ones you wanted which color and then hope for the best. At least that was my strategy, although I wouldn't recommend it. I didn't do all that well.

See you next year with renewed hopes,

Note from Webmaster: It was my pleasure to shoot next to Don Cameron all weekend. I believe Don said it was his first time at Damariscotta. He did not fare well at 200 yards dropping 3 points and coming in 12th in VFS class. However he apparentle learned a lot Saturday as he came back Sunday and cleaned our clocks. It may have been aided by the fact he moved down to Bench 2 which many perceive to be the better end of the range. His 249-0 score bested the rest of the field by 3 points leading to his winning the Grand Aggregate by one point. His Grand score should apparently be 496-1x but I guess the computer made a mistake showing he won with a flat 496

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