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Pine Tree Rifle Club

Johnstown New York
31 May , 2014

Group Photo

Greetings to all,

The thunder of high-powered rifle fire roared across the rifle range at the Pine Tree Rifle Club the morning of May 31st, 2014. After nearly a 30-year hiatus from IBS benchrest competition IBS has returned to the Pine Tree Rifle Club of Johnstown, New York. As many of you know it’s the Pine Tree Rifle Club where modern benchrest shooting got a start back in 1947 under the leadership of Harvey Donaldson and Col. Townsend Whelen. Little did they know that their “benchrest movement”, as it was called by Harvey, would grow into an international sport, and foster growth is rifle accuracy the way it has.
There were 36 competitors( from 4 different States) in attendance at the 100-yard benchrest score match that featured 4 different classes a rifleman could compete in. Two were IBS class matches HUNTER RIFLE, and VARMINT FOR SCORE, and two PTRC matches known as SPORTER RIFLE and BENCHREST rifle. Of the shooters entered in the days matches 27 entered the IBS matches.
The target used for the matches was the IBS 100-yard score target that features 6 bulls eyes, 5 are record bulls eyes and the 6th a “SIGHTER BULL” for the shooter to fire a test shot into that has no point value. The competitors competed in the PTRC’s traditional COLD BORE match first and then went on to a Warm-Up Match and 5 record matches. They could not have been blessed with a better day weather wise, however many learned that the wind conditions at the PTRC range could be very tricky! The winners are as follow.


Equipment List