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Orrington Rod and Gun Club

Orrington Maine
13 April , 2014

Weather was overcast with a call for showers from 10am onward. Winds were to be in the 5-10 mph range. Guess what? With temps only in the low to mid 30's, we got snow. It came in half way through match 4, relay 1...sideways at that, along with wind in the 15-20 mph. Conditions stayed that way for about 5 minutes (if I remember correctly it ended the same time as cease fire was called!!) and then the wind settled back a little. Once match 4 was completed the snow changed over to rain and the wind went back to its switchy self, albeit softer.

When the day ended, Swillbucket Randall was given top honors....that is until an error in data entry was found. When the rancor settled it was Greg Palman that was deemed the best of the day by a goodly margin. Evidently a new barrel makes quite a difference, wouldn't you agree, Greg?

Equipment List