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Orrington Rod and Gun Club

Orrington Maine
21 September , 2014

The last match of the season for Orrington Rod and Gun Club was held on 9/21/2014 at 200 yards. The attendance was light owing to the prediction of rain and the long and sometimes bloody performances of many of the competitors. Well, the rain did come and the blood did flow…again!

Rain was intermittent to moderate at times with temps in the low 70’s, lots of low lying cloud and mist and plenty of wind. There was little consistency to the 8-12 mph (with gusts to 15) wind and one had to hope that a flag pointing left would cancel out the effects of one pointing right. The probes were helpful as most of the time they were pegged in the horizontal position right or left. That was a good time not to shoot I found.

Parker Hills put on a notable demonstration with his 10 pound varmint hunter 6mm PPC rifle, giving up only 2 points and shooting one nice 50-3X target.

A slugfest was had in the VfS class with Greg Palman, Jim Goody and Bob Brooks duking it out right down to the final target. Greg shot a nice 50-3X match 5 target thereby denying Jim Goody the satisfaction of a Creedmore victory. “I’d rather be lucky that good any day”, he was heard muttering to himself after the shoot was over.


Equipment List