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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
24 October. 2015

Our final match of the year and we had a great turnout, great weather, and great food. We also contested the other half of the NJ/CT grudge match and the NJ crew took the honors of Top Club handily with a score of 1250-78x to our 1250-73x. Some excellent shooting especially by Paul Lynch with a 250-21x. Had he shot the registered portion of the match we would have had to go to see who dropped the first "X" with Blaine McRay as they both shot identical scores match for match. We had gone down to the Jersey range for their match on the 10th and they also kicked our butts by .100 in the group portion of the shoot. We really need to step things up for next year! Great shooting by the NJ squad for sure.
Speaking of Blaine and his hot shooting PPC, he and Shinny Shinglock both shot well above the field with their 6mm's to take first and second place. Several of the better scores were shot with the diminutive cartridge...who knew!
Glen Olenick shot really well to best the Hunter class, and our Factory and Custom classes saw some action today as well. Scores below.
We also like to honor the improvements that shooters have made over the year or years, and this year is a repeat winner for our Bob Schmidt Most Improved Shooter Award in Brian Fitch. Brian has consistently (well, except for the nationals, but we won't mention that...ehem) shown improvement over the last year with the pinnacle being his win at the New York State Championship. Brian is a great competitor and is a true sportsman and student of the game. It is a pleasure sharing the line with him and all the shooters every match, and I hope to see you all next year.
BIG thanks goes out to Donna Grant who scored this match for us, and allowed me to tend to the line and target detail as needed. Thank you so much, Donna.
Our Bell City Score shooter of the Year award was held off this year due to the decreased number of matches we had to offer. We will get back to normal next year.
Thanks, too, to the target crew and all those that attended the match for making it a success. See you all next year.
Revenge is a dish best served cold, NJ.


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