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Connecticut State 200/100 yard Championship Match

Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

June 6-7 . 2015

We couldn't have asked for better weather for the Connecticut State match this weekend. Mid 70's both days though I think many people would have liked a little less wind on day one. We tried something different this year and ran the 200yd portion of the match on day one and were greeted with very switchy conditions that would spit shots unexpectedly. No condition would hold for more than 2 shots, and you were lucky if it returned...lots of sighters taken. Full concentration was needed on every shot and as evidenced by the scores no one stayed clean. Lee and John managed to put up an impressive x-count despite the changing vectors and there were 7 shooters at the end of day one in the running for the 100yd stage and the grand agg. The format for the 200/100 came from the thought that the 100yd stage would go more quickly and shooters would be able to get home sooner...there was some concern that there would be less pressure on the
leaders for the 100yd stage, but this match turned out to have plenty of tension going into day two. The conditions laid down a fair amount on Sunday and the race for top gun of the day and of the weekend was tight. Randy Jarvais settled in after a tough 200yd stage to win the 100yd event and yours truly took the grand agg after taking a second to Randy.
In the Hunter Class it was Randy taking the lead at 200yds and then with an impressive 250-17x at the 100yd agg to take the win and the grand agg as well as the two gun award (I believe there is to be an addition to the Jarvais household to house the wood Randy has been winning lately...or at least a large shed of some kind).
We had two junior shooters with us this weekend, and hope to see them around more in the future. I have to mention that Henry kicked his dad's butt, and it was great to see the smile on both of their faces at the end of the day!

This match could not have run without the help of the target crew: my dad, Vince, Brian, and Ron, and my wife at the helm of the scoring detail. Thanks to the shooters who came from great distances to try their hand at the Bell City spin cycle, and we hope to see you all again soon.
A great group of guys and gals and a lot of fun was had by all.

On a more somber note.
We will miss and mourn the passing of our good friend and great shooter, John Dinelli, who succombed to his battle with cancer last week. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out and supported our match.

Mike Suhie

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